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I am a hair stylist from Los Angeles; I am very against hair extensions. I advise my clients to have hair piece or a wig when suffering hair loss or thinning hair instead of having hair extensions. Earlier or sooner they will cause some sort of damage.  But I must to admit that I am very impressed with the hair infusion additions from Rodolfo Valentin. I see some of his clients that are residing here in Los Angeles when coming from New York with Rodolfo’s hair extensions on. After two or three months of having them I never noticed any damage in the natural hair. This is probably the only hair extensions I would ever recommend. - Brian Driggon

I love the hair extensions! - I was afraid to have them but now I can say that they are the best thing ever happened to my hair. Thanks  to Rodolfo Valentin, the best staff in any hair salon also their customer service, Juvy a sweet lady very friendly. Angie Sullivan
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Hair Extensions Reviews
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