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Hair Emergency

At our hair salons, HEALTHY HAIR is priority as we offer a large selection of hair extensions and hair replacement methods, earning us the title of best hair extensions salons for any hair emergency tips you may need.

We are also a full-service private spa, offering classy hair extensions, state-of-the-art hair colors, elegant hair styles including any dream hair services such as custom made facials, eyelash extensions and an endless list of exclusive hair services.


We have star hairstylists, colorists, hair extensions experts’ ready to help you, with are your hair emergency 911 for all your needs. Our staff members are highly experienced to make this beauty emporium your one-stop salon. Our trademark Hair Infusion method is available in many styles: long hair, short hair, African American hair, Asian hair and many others. Using only the finest hair from Russia and other parts of Europe, our extensions are selected personally by our stylists. They will not fall apart and can be reused multiple times. This is the top of the line extension for people going for a natural look who also care about the health of their hair.


Our hair extensions and hair replacement methods are designed to be durable and give a natural look that lasts weeks or months. We can make a client’s hair look like Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson or Paris Hilton. We have the best hair extensions in the industry, made from all natural, Remy hair, never synthetic. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “where can I get the best hair extensions”, the answer is Rodolfo Valentin, the best hair salon in NYC.

Hair Emergency 911


Do not panic! Call at our hair emergencies telephone numbers, we are there and ready to help you! At our Salons floors we offer help with all kind of hair emergencies like bad hair extensions replaced for our exclusive hair infusion, hair color corrections and even deep treatments for chemical damaged hair textures.


 At our spas, we offer a calm atmosphere and all kinds of spa services. We offer superb manicures and pedicures in Roman chaise lounges, massages with private showers, signature facials and exclusive skin care, hair care and makeup lines.


We also perform eyelash extensions, bridal hair designs and much more. We were the first salon offering years ago the Great Lengths hair extension system in New York area, and have experience in all available Great Lengths systems, including Cold Infusion, multi-strand, regular Great Lengths extensions also air pressure but while using them and being frustrated for not achieving the expected results, we have decided in only to perform our exclusive hair infusion technique, also named the super hair extensions.   Please see our listing for full details. We do more hair extensions in a single day than many salons perform in a month.

We are very proud to have our “Hair Boutique Showroom”, offering one of the best private experiences in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut area. We have many visitors from Manhattan, Long Island including the Hamptons, Westchester, Brooklyn and the Bronx. We perform over 100 hair extensions per month and nobody can match our expertise. Don’t settle for second best; come to the one and only famous Rodolfo Valentin – the best hair extension salon in NYC!


Hair Emergency Tips

Our services extend beyond hair extensions to provide comprehensive and private consultations for female hair loss treatments and solutions. We understand the sensitivity of female hair loss and provide comprehensive solutions relating to chemotherapy, female alopecia and female pattern hair loss. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident in our ability to restore lost hair and we have solutions for all ages and ethnicities.


Our hair studio is located on the Upper East Side of New York City, in the center of attractions and the glamour of Madison Avenue. We offer a premier, private experience, serving the tri-state area. Our clientele span not only the New York area. We have regular customers from Hollywood, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Las Vegas, even London and Paris!

We originally started our New York City salon with fusion hair extensions, as shown on Univision TV, and have been working with different types of extensions since 1984. We were the first salon offering hair extension services in New York and Long Island. We use special hair taken from only the best suppliers and can offer extensions to any ethnicity, including Russian, European, Japanese, African-American, Asian and more.


We are hair extension specialists who know how important beauty is to a woman. Again, we have offered all types of extensions for all types of hair, including curly hair, Yaki hair, and very straight (Lacio) hair. Other systems we have available include SoCap, Euro SoCap and Dream Catchers extensions.  But we have established our exclusive hair infusion as the only one to use as it is the predilection of customers from all over earth. Our hair infusion allows our clients to use them again, which makes our unique extension the most cost effective for our clients’ needs.

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