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How to get the perfect hair extensions? Perfect 10 hair ? Find Perfect Hair Extensions at Rodolfo Valentin Salons.

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Perfect Hair

Perfect 10 Hair


Rodolfo Valentin Salons are the imperium of beauty to get perfect 10 hair.  They have tested each and every hair extensions in the business for women's hair loss.  He has been in charge of teaching how to hair color tresses, hired by the Indian Government and in charge of the design of healthy hair extensions, winner of the Grand Design Award and winner of the Top hair colorist’s award.


Rodolfo Valentin salons and spas are one of the top 10 salons in the world. Rodolfo Valentin unique hair extension techniques are exclusively available to his customers and done by the high expert hair extension technician in the industry. 


How to get the perfect hair extensions ?


Every hair extension methods are available at his salon including Rodolfo Valentin exclusive famous hair infusion extensions as the only response to the question "what is the best hair extension method"? or how to get the perfect hair extensions is your enquire? Different hair extension methods are also available including Rodolfo Valentin NEW RV healthy hair extensions as always oriented to preserve the integrity of the natural hair. Partial lace wigs, partial lace front wigs, full lace fronts wigs, and all kind of Lace wigs from his new lace wigs collection that are exclusively designed for their female hair loss clientele as the only hair solutions salons.



Achieve a perfect 10 hair at our New York hair extensions salons for excellence in human hair extensions and all kind of hair additions that are our knowhow at our famous hair extension salons. Since 1984, Rodolfo Valentin has been the top hair stylist using all the different types of hair extensions available on the market. Rodolfo Valentin is the hair extensions expert that most of each hair extension salon wants to emulate. He offers the best products and services in the field that are comparing to none.


 Find Perfect Hair Extensions


Find perfect hair extensions at Rodolfo’s Hair Extensions Salon is world famous for its quality selection and a high reputation thanks to his consistency of over 35 years of experience serving the New York, NYC, Long Island NY, New Jersey, Connecticut, Philadelphia, tri-state area, with clients coming from as far as London and Paris for his services, as seen in the London, UK newspaper, “Sunday Times”.


Rodolfo Valentin can perform the perfect hair extensions or any hair extension system at your request, but his favorite is his trademarked HAIR INFUSION EXTENSIONS, seamless hair extension system, as seen in New York Magazine and in the New York Hair best guide. Our salon is even featured as a New York City attractions and restaurants.


We have a brand new 6000 square foot Luxury Hair Salon and Spa, with a hair boutique floor dedicated to hair extensions and hair replacement for the privacy of our clients. We also keep plentiful stock, enabling us to accept walk-in customers.


We are introducing our new vacuum wigs and we have opened a custom-made hairpiece display room at our "Hair Boutique" floor. Our salon in New York named as one of the most luxury hair salons NYC, is located in the heart and glamour of Madison Avenue. We have VIP private rooms for hair color correction services and damaged hair repair. We also help to repair the damage caused by others extensions, and hair additions.

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